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Mike Rabinowitz

"Learning is about more than simply acquiring new knowledge and insights; it is also crucial to unlearn old knowledge that has outlived its relevance. Thus, forgetting is probably at least as important as learning."
Gary Ryan Blair

My name is Mike Rabinowitz, a certified trainer and customer service specialist. The wisdom you have just read from my favorite quote is the challenge that has made training my passion. It’s not just reading information out loud and expecting it to make an impact, but it is that expression, that moment when I look at my students faces as they are thinking “I never thought of it that way”. That is the moment when the paraphrase “old knowledge that has outlived its relevance” starts to make way for what I am trying to deliver. That is what I strive for.

Mike Rabinowitz spent the first of his career as a New York City Police Officer. He calls it “the ultimate learning ground for communication skills”. After 6 years patrolling the streets of Brooklyn, New York, Mike was asked to get involved to use his experience to help educate people in the community about getting on the right path. Whether it was an auditorium filled with high school students, or a room filled with community leaders, Mike knew that the goal was to see that expression of enlightenment in their faces.

After a 10 year police career, Mike now has 11 years in the world of IT support and customer service. He is a certified trainer in the areas of Help Desk Professional, Manager, and Team Leader as well Field Technician and Knowledge Management. When Mike was an Assistant Vice President and team leader of a support group at Bank of America, all of his people were required to be certified. Working with a limited budget, his manager discovered that it was more cost effective to have someone in the bank deliver the training. Mike was a natural choice, so he was sent to get certified and subsequently taught all of the training to the bank employees.

Prior to Bank of America, Mike led a group of Field Technicians at Carolina Medical Center. There he was involved with in-house training of the hospital employees. They were being trained on basic troubleshooting skills in order to reduce the number of calls to the support center. Mike really enjoyed teaching what he knew to less technical people eager to learn even the basic computer skills.

Before Carolina Medical Center, Mike worked for Van Star/Inacom Corporation. Using his community experience from his police career, Mike worked for 3 years as a computer field technician, where the art of face to face communication was put to the test. Mike believes that building a rapport with customers is the key to good customer service.

Using his “street corner” approach and his passion for helping people learn the tools that allows them stay motivated, Mike can be depended upon to combine his real life work experience and process knowledge to help companies get the most out of their training dollars.