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Building High Performing Teams

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This course begins with training on the Disc Performance assessment that lays the foundation for understanding team members and learning how better to interact with each other and work more effectively and harmoniously. Participants learn to understand DISC and the diversity in behaviors. They also learn how to maximize strengths of the team as a whole.
Teamwork sounds easy. With teams, we should be able to accomplish more in less time with increased efficiency. In reality, we are continually challenged to meet these expectations. This workshop focuses on understanding the departmental and organizational goals/demands and the impact teams have on these goals. Participants will learn the fundamentals of highly effective teams and determine how best to foster a high performing team. Participants will leave with an increased awareness of how to capitalize on the strengths of their team members and how to avoid the traps that negatively impact teams.

Participants will learn to:

  • Examine the current organizational goals that involve them.
  • Determine the current barriers to functioning as a high performing team.
  • Understand the characteristics of successful teams, including elements of DISC dimensions as well as common high performing team characteristics.
  • Identify processes and tools that exist within their company that will facilitate continual improvement and team growth.
  • Participate in activities that allow them to grow as a team. These activities will expose them to the challenges managers face in meeting organizational goals and coaching their team toward success. The teams themselves will determine the best way to maximize team strengths and will analyze the results of their efforts.

This highly interactive workshop includes analysis, discussion, video clips, “team play” and activities that teach the participants how to grow and excel as a team. “Team Play” involves working in small groups that are well balanced across the DISC dimensions. During team play, they will face challenges that resemble real work issues. As a team, they will determine ways to resolve these issues and increase productivity and meet departmental or organizational goals.

Duration: 2 days

Class Size: 24 maximum

Requirements: DISC profile completed in advance

Who Should Attend: Anyone working on teams (projects, departments, etc.)

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