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Rae Ann Bruno Randy Celaya
Mike Rabinowitz Fancy Mills

Metrics that Mean Business

Leave terminology like “abandoned rate”, “average speed answered”, and “first call resolution” to your IT meetings and talk about what the business wants to hear. Learn to structure and report your information in a way that not only measures your support team’s effectiveness but also positively impacts the business. By accurately analyzing and communicating the information you capture, you can prevent service disruptions, improve technology and increase employee (end-user) productivity. Additionally, you can market your support team’s accomplishments and be perceived as a business enabler.


Participants will learn:

  • Ways to categorize your calls from a business perspective.
  • What measures and metrics to capture and how to analyze them.
  • How to design reports for (a) internal use to identify process, technology and service improvement needs, and (b) external (external to IT) reports to market your support team’s accomplishments and gain executive management support within the business community.
  • How to put your findings into business terms and measure productivity impact.
  • How to communicate your findings at various levels of the organization within and outside of IT.


Understanding the best use of available metrics.
A more business focused approach to categorizing calls
Methods for measuring productivity impact
Reporting value from a business impact perspective
Report ideas/samples which:

  • Identify process, technology, and service improvement needs
  • Market accomplishments and gain executive management support within your organization
  • Ways to communicate to various levels of the organization and outside of IT

Duration: 2 days

Who Should Attend: All levels of Internal support leaders

Course Outline

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