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Rae Ann Bruno Randy Celaya
Mike Rabinowitz Fancy Mills

Mastering Time Management

Improving Service and Increasing Productivity

Effective time utilization is a fundamental component for increased productivity and improved services. Often, as workloads increase, productivity decreases due to employees feeling overwhelmed. Learning to manage time and prioritize appropriately, employees can control not only their workloads, but also their stress levels, attitudes, and efficiency levels.


Participants will:

  • Analyze current methods, habits and challenges
  • Learn best practices for changing or improving current habits
  • Identify time stealers
  • Examine various time management tools
  • Focus on finding best system to organize, plan and prioritize
  • Leave with customized best practice approach to apply to their workloads

Duration: 1-2 days

Class Size: 24 maximum

Requirements: None

Who Should Attend: Anyone needing to better manage and prioritize tasks or workloads

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