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Effective Organizational Communications

Communications Styles Workshop

Communication styles have a significant impact on team dynamics, productivity, and work environment. Effective communication is the foundation for success for any business role and understanding personal communication styles can increase your success.

Participants will learn to:

  • Take a personalized communication style inventory and identify their dominant style
  • Discover the four dominant communication styles and how to adapt to styles different from their own
  • Identify the key communication points within their organization where they need to focus
  • Discuss communication challenges in their job and brainstorm with the facilitator and peers on how best to improve them
  • Learn how to effectively communicate to various levels within their organization by tailoring their communications to your audience
  • Hear how real work scenarios were resolved through an understanding of communication styles and adapting to them
  • Identify communication challenges in their job.
  • Analyze their personal style and learn how to use it effectively.
  • Learn how to avoid communication pitfalls.
  • Understand others’ styles.
  • Learn ways to work with various styles to communicate effectively.

This interactive workshop will improve communications as well as productivity and teamwork within your organization. Learn your dominant style and how to communicate effectively with other styles. Through roles playing and group exercises, increase your awareness of diverse communication styles/behaviors and learn to use them in different situations.

Duration: 1 day

Who Should Attend: Anyone who interacts with others in his/her job

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