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Rae Ann Bruno Randy Celaya
Mike Rabinowitz Fancy Mills

Mastering the Art of Customer Care

Providing world-class customer service

There is an art to providing world-class customer service. It goes beyond knowing your products and services and delivering expected results. It involves balancing organizational and departmental goals and customer needs. It requires professionalism, business acumen, confidence, professionalism and a positive attitude. It is a combination of:

  • Problem solving and relationship building
  • Marketing and promoting
  • Empathizing and guiding
  • Delivering results and appropriately representing our organization
  • Understanding business needs and goals and focusing on business impact


Participants will learn to:

  • Positively and Professionally represent their organization.
  • Improve negotiation skills to handle difficult or awkward customer interactions and produce positive results.
  • Use a combination of communication and problem solving skills to drive issues forward and accomplish business-focused results.

This highly interactive workshop includes observation, discussion, role-playing, lecture and activities that teach participants how to grow their customer service skills and improve their professional images.

Duration: 1 day

Class Size: 24 maximum

Requirements: None

Who Should Attend: Customer Service Professionals

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